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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you sculpt your works?
No, I never sculpt, carve or engrave the stone. Part of the work is to look for a stone that corresponds to my inspiration. Sometimes it is the "stone" that finds me, stimulating me to use it for a specific work.

2) What kind of colours do you use?
I use a peculiar kind of acrylic, suitable for stones.

3) Can I put your works outdoor?
No, even if I use a special varnish to protect it, you have to use the same care you would have with a painting. Would you put a painting in the sun or in the rain in your garden?

4) The right button of the mouse is disabled and I can not copy the images. Why is that?
Because all the images are copyrighted, but if you want to use them, please, e-mail me explaining why you need them. I will be happy to take your request into consideration.

5) Can I contact your web master?
Of course. Simply e-mail your contact details and I will pass them to my web master, who will contact you.

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