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Design Muscat is a non-profit event with a focus on design and its benefits to the economy.  Its flagship is a three-day celebration, which aims to be more than a design or an art festival.  It is a bi-annual conference where innovation, business, social impact and creativity connect.
After the great success of the first edition in 2017 at the Oman Convention Centre, Lucia Oliva held here the second edition of the Path of Friendship on 17th April at the Scientific College of Design  
Participants were invited to take part to a creative experience that included the basics of painting and the approach to the installations concept, building together under Lucia Oliva's supervision a big painting-installation named "The Path of Friendship".  
Each guest was guided to paint a small layer of wood, that became part of the final installatiion, consisting in many paths that "met in the centre". The message is clear: you get to friendship through different experiences and roads.
"The Path of Friendship" workshop also included a final friendly performance, when all the participants were involved in an easy choreography with music, through which the big artwork-installation was dismantled and each participant got a part of it (different from the pieces he/she has created) as gift/souvenir of the art experience.

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